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college essays…

College essays are killing me right now. It might be the fact that I have like 50 of them to write. It might be the fact that my common app essay is the single most important article of writing i have ever done in my life so far. I might be fact that I keep procrastinating. I think the biggest reason that they are causing me so much grief, however, is the personal nature of everything I’m writing. This makes it so that the colleges, if they reject you, they are rejecting who you are, your values, your aspirations, etc. It’s like them telling you that yes, they know who you are and what you believe in and no, you are not good enough. YOU are not good enough, not your interpretation on a book or your style analysis, but who you are as a person. Mer. Sucks. 

i love this. Just discovered Bierstadts landscape art today, I don’t look at American art often. I have an obsessive desire to take the perfect landscape photo. waiting on proper equipment right now… 

Among the Sierra Nevada, California


Albert Bierstadt 

Born: Solingen, Germany 1830

Died: New York, New York 1902

oil on canvas
Smithsonian American Art Museum

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